March 22, 2018

Easy Radio on your Mac: Radioline

What Does Radioline Do

Radioline removes the relative difficulty in accessing radio stations from your Mac.  There are many ways you may access the various radio channels worldwide, however it is difficult and often involves downloading different apps and upgrades, plug ins, applets, add flow in iTunes.  In short, it is not simple to get the radio of different regions and genres.  The aim of RadioLine is to allow you to access the radio stations of many regions and genres worldwide, all from one app.

What Are The Features of Radioline

Once downloaded and installed, the application has a main window that could not be more explicit and user friendly if it tried.  Radioline has a player like the iTunes version and the list of the best known radio stations for ease of use. Double click the desired radio station to start playing. To get rid of this window and make room on your desktop, close it and look in your menu bar to retrieve it again.  A new icon has appeared in your menu bar for easy re-access to the app.  From there you can see the song being played and display the main window, access the preferences or close the application.

Is Radioline A Cause For Applause

If your favourite radio station does not appear in the list then you cannot add it manually.  Radioline is very easy to use, and the help menu is very good for guiding you through its use.  It does allow access to a lot of radio station with just this one app.

Not So Good Points

I couldn’t find any.  Radioline all worked fine, there were no bugs, it uninstalls easily enough, didn’t cause a slow down, it was good.  It installs and starts up easily enough, I encountered no problems.  The app does what it says it will do without any problems.

What I Thought Of The App I Bought

Though I did not count, there are said to be 15,000 radio stations available for addition.  You may also request certain radio stations to the websites it directs you to.  You can type in the name of the station you want (if you know it) and it will come up, or you can browse the radio stations.  They have many worldwide stations, for example there are 1200 French stations, covering all the genres.

 Should I Try OR Let It Slip By

You should definitely buy this app if you have ever considered listening to the radio online.  RadioLine is the whole package for accessing the radio online.  If you have other apps and programs that access just a few radio stations, then delete and uninstall them and get this one instead.

You find Radioline on the MacApp Store

Radioline - Baracoda Media

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