April 23, 2018

Easy Way To Create Accented Text in Mac OS

The English dictionary is constantly evolving. So it is necessarily to have accented text available. The integration of cultural influences mean that accented words are now appearing in everyday, run-of-the-mill vocabulary. And what about people who type in French or German words that have a variety of accents and umlauts? Depending on the country, internationally configured keyboards may have these characters on easy access but the traditional keyboard does not. And unlike Windows that have its ASCII characters and you just type in alt + the number of the character you want to insert, Macs do not have a direct translation for that. So if you are transitioning from a PC to a Mac, don’t bother. There is an easy way how to create accented text in Mac OS.

Accented TextFortunately OS X Lion has a clever and easy solution to that issue. You can even do it while typing, with no need to go to the character palette and insert a symbol. All you have to do to see the accented version of the letter that you are typing is hold do the key of said letter. A small panel will pop up, itemizing the possible accented character for that particular keystroke. All you have to do is click on the choice that you want. Each character also has a number corresponding to it and you can also press the number on your keypad to select your character.

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