April 21, 2018

More About The Finder Features In Mac OS X

There are lots of new Finder Features in Mac OSX. It doesn’t matter if you use Snow Leopard, Lion or even Mountain Lion – the Finder features will help you to organize your files. The Finder is a great tool to organize your files. It is the heart and soul in Mac OS – it manages everything from your photos to your music file. The Finder helps you to sort your files but also to find them again. Finder allows you to label your files with different colors and you can add a name to each label – another way to sort your files. But the file management in Mac OS even allows custom menus you can create just as you wish, with the features you need. I, for example, have the burn icon included so I can quickly burn my files on DVD.

finder features

Here a short video about the Finder features.

I show you how the files in your Finder are organized as well as some great features the Finder has to offer. Mac OS X has lots of software included, even a burning program in Finder and in iTunes.

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