April 26, 2018

From Mail to iCal – Mail and iCal as social events coordinator

No need to hire a secretary, a combination of Mail and iCal can act as your social events coordinator. Whatever invitations or events you receive in Mail, you can port it out to iCal so that it becomes an entry on your calendar. Transferring events and invitations from Mail to iCal is done just with a click.

Add Invitations

Adding invitations to iCal is quite simple. Launch your Mail application. From the menu, go to Preferences pane and click the General tab.  When the Add Invitations to iCal pops up, select Automatically. If you change your mind later on and do not wish to receive any more invites, just go back to this panel and select Never.

Add Events

Sometimes you might receive emails that have important dates and times and you would like to add them to your iCal. To do that, hover your cursor over the date or time in your email message. A  pop-up window will appear and Mail will outline some information. Click it to display a preview.

To add the date and the event to your electronic calendar, simply click on the Add to iCal option.

You also have the option of editing the event to add or subtract details before posting it on iCal. To do so, just click Edit and do your modifications. When you are done, select Create and your event will now be added to your iCal.

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