April 23, 2018

Functions and Features of iOS 6

Functions and Features of iOS 6The latest – and purportedly greatest – Apple iOs has now arrived. With all of the new functions and features that it has, you are sure to experience a whole new level of Apple heaven.

Now, what exactly does Apple iOS 6 have to offer you this time? Let me go on ahead and enlighten you with the new functions and features of iOS 6.


Total Facebook Synching capabilities

Facebook is really the biggest social networking site today. It is a part of the lives of pretty much anyone! With this in mind, iOS 6 now lets you Sync pretty much everything (and I mean everything) from your Facebook account to your device.

This includes synching your contacts, calendars, photos, and pretty much everything else you can think of.


New and improved Siri

The beloved Siri is now better and brighter than before! She can now launch your apps for you (just say “lauch (app)”)! Also, she can now tell you movie schedules, sports scores, restaurant ratings, and get you restaurant reservations as well!

However, she still does have quite a bit of trouble understanding “normal” speech. For now, you will still have to try and speak in computer-mode.



This is a wonderful feature that I personally love. It lets you store all of your membership cards and whatnot in various stores and shops. Imagine never having to lug around 20 membership cards in your wallet ever again! Your device will now function as a scannable voucher, membership card, and even a plane ticket!


Facetime using WiFi and 3G

Now, you can use Facetime using your mobile phone’s plan instead of having to search for a WiFi hotspot.


Panorama photo 

Easy panorama photos – ‘nuff said.


Improved Privacy settings

You can now access the full list of apps that requests access to your location and you can turn them on or off accordingly.

In addition to this, you can set a “Do Not Disturb” timer which will only allows the most important people to call you. Yes, your boss may count as one of those people.


Call rejection with a twist

Now, you can reject calls with a message or a reminder to call back later. Neat!


iTunes and App Store makeover

Prettier and easier to use iTunes and App store. Period.


Improved Maps 

This is something that has received quite a bit of flak recently due to the inaccuracies and whatnot. However, we do appreciate the effort that Apple has put into it! This features offers several modes such as driving, walking, and even public transit directions.


Accessibility improvements

Apple has certainly not forgotten the needs of those with handicaps and special needs. Suffice it to say that their efforts (and results!) are awesome.


Aside from these main changes, you also have quite a lot of hidden upgrades as well. Here is a list of them to check out!

  1. Option to receive messages only from your contacts
  2. Pull down to refresh function
  3. A more modern iPod look
  4. Emoji upgrades
  5. Set a song for your Alarm
  6. Find My Friends
  7. Lost Mode


See? With all of these fantastic features that the iOS 6 has to offer, there is absolutely no reason for you to skip out on this fantastic upgrade! With the iOS 6, you are sure to be able to get the most out of your whole Apple experience. Have fun!

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