April 23, 2018

Game your Video

Release your inner child without having to suffer the grazed knees and acne.  You can create hours of fun with the game your video app.  There is hours of fun to be had playing around with silly voices and Matrix style effects.  It is a life saver if you have to wait for something or someone and you have already played all of your games.  Become the new Spielberg!!  This app is worth every penny.  If you fancy yourself as a genuine movie maker then hold your horses, because this app is not going to compensate for years of college and university, but it is bags of fun as a goofy entertainment gimmick. 

Effects such as the slow echo can transform mundane family videos into memorably funny clips.  Game Your Video is both timeless and ageless and there are going to be a great many generations who will find this app funny.  There is a wide variety of editing techniques such as audio transformation and video filters.  These include hilarious chipmunk voices which when applied to the right video i.e. an angry teacher, can be very entertaining. Also, filters such as cinematic film noir can give any video a or artistic sophisticated edge.  The effects are easy to create and the buttons are clearly laid out and are easy to follow. The one thing about the App that doesn’t follow is the name.  It doesn’t really act as a label or a description.  “Game Your Video” gives off the wrong impression.  Other than that, the app is good fun, light hearted and worth the spend.
Game your Video - Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd



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