April 26, 2018

iPhoto Course (7): Geotagging Images in iPhoto ’11

Looking for some fresh insights to make your iPhoto collection more exciting? Because we believe that iPhoto should be anything but boring, we’re giving you a new reason to level-up your iPhoto experience to a whole new magnitude with Places.

No matter where you go, iPhoto will be able to keep a record of where each of your photos were taken. Places makes photo organization in iPhoto more easier as users can easily search through their photos by looking up at Places, that is – as long as they have matched their photos to a specific location. So, you don’t have to browse through a gazillion of images while looking for that photo you took while you were relaxing in that quaint cafe in Paris.

By default, Places lookup is disabled in iPhoto which means that you need to manually activate it. And here’s how to do that.

First, check your iPhoto’s Places it would look like this if your Places has not been configured yet.


Another way to do this is by selecting one photo from your collections and look at the info. Towards the lower left side, you’ll see that “Places lookup is disabled”.

Setting-up Places

To set-up your Places, go to iPhoto > Preferences

Proceed to Advanced tab and change the “Look up Places” from “Never” to “Automatically”. You may opt to check the setting to include location information every time you publish a photo.

After you’ve set-up Preferences, iPhoto will be able to determine where your photos were taken as long as the camera used has GPS capability. By that, iPhoto will establish GPS coordinates and thereafter marks the geographical location in the Places map.

This is how Places lookup should now look:

Adding a Place to Photos

1. Select photos or a whole Event that you want to set a location.

2. While in the edit mode, click on the “Assign a Place” and type-in the location. iPhoto will provide suggestions as you type, if you see the intended place from the list, you can simply click on it.

3. A Place has now been assigned on your selected photo/s.

Fine Tuning Location

There are instances like when you wanted to be more specific with your location like for example you want to label the Curran Theatre in San Francisco. Since there are no suggestions similar to it, you can just type in Union Square, San Francisco as Curran Theatre is located in that neighborhood.

From there you can click on the red pin and drag it to the exact street/address.

Use the tools to navigate:

Using Latitude and Longitude

Assigning a Place can also be done by indicating the latitude and longitude of the location.

The only rule for this method is to type in the latitude before the longitude and separate the two with a comma.

As illustrated below, the Eiffel Tower: 48º 51′ 32″ North, 002º 17′ 45″ East

How to copy location

If you are working on several photos, copying the location of one to another would be easy if you follow these steps:

1. Select the photo from which you would like to copy the location and from main menu go to Edit > Copy.

Now, select or highlight photo/s which you’d like to acquire the same location and then go to Edit > Paste Location.

Changing Location Name

There is an option i iPhoto for users to change an existing location to a more personalized name for example, “Home Sweet Home”.

To do this, select the photo and while on Edit mode, click on the red marker so that the location tag will show.

On the tag, type-in a new name and click on the checkmark to confirm it.

NOTE: If the location that you just changed has been used in other photos, any changes in the location name will likewise  apply to the rest.

Do you have questions about geotagging or Places? Send them in and we’ll be glad to feature them in future posts.

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