April 26, 2018

Get Back Your Accidentally Deleted Email Account

Yesterday I played around. I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t resist… I looked here and there and then it was gone! What I’m talking about? My inbox 🙁 In the end I just wanted to clean it up a little – Google stores 78,000 emails for me (yes, you are reading correctly…I am afraid to delete them – maybe I need the one or other again?)

Thanks to Steve Jobs and the Snow Leopard Developer Team my inbox wasn´t gone. I could still have a look at my messages *whew*

So where do you find the deleted Email Account? 

Go to User>Lib>Mail>your Account>Inbox and you’ll find your mails there.

And there they are! Click on the strange looking icon and you are able to read your mails again .-)

deleted email account

deleted email account

Now just add your mailbox again and your messages are back. I do not recommend though to store all messages you have in your inbox on your computer. Although it is very handy I think they are better stored with Gmail/Yahoo or wherever you have an account – they just clutter your computer, especially if you know that you don’t need them anymore. Also, I find my computer working more slowly when I have too many messages in Mail. Don’t forget to automatically delete messages from your inbox when you shut down Mail. You can set this up when you go to Mail –> Preferences.

Here are my settings to keep my inbox clean:

deleted email account

When you store the messages on the provider’s server you don’t need to worry about accidentally deleted email accounts.

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