April 21, 2018

Get Rid Of The Start Up Sound On Your Mac

I just found a nice little application for your Mac which will assure that you can start your computer in the middle of the night without waking up the neighborhood – it eliminates your Mac’s Start Up Sound.

When you have your speakers always turned on you won’t come around the nice little “BLAAANG” when you start your computer. Mac OS has not added from house the possibility to stop this sound. But with this little application you can get rid of the start up sound and starts your Mac in silence. I’m not sure what this sound is for anyway so you won’t miss anything when it is gone. Last time I didn’t think of this noise was when my husband and I were on vacation and I got up early to work a bit. What happened was that the computer woke him up – no more peace for me anymore to work.

This freeware is still in beta status but for me it’s working fine.

After installation you´ll find the program in your system preferences folder (you find it when you click in your dock on “applications”).

Once you open the program it is very easy – you just need to tick the box where it says “Turn on Startup volume control” and tick also the mute box – this will turn off your Mac start up sound

That´s it. You’ll find this helpful software to eliminate your start up sound here.

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