April 26, 2018

Do Not Get This From iTunes But Amazon

digital downloads on amazon and itunesWhen someone asks me what my next birthday wish is I usually say “An iTunes Card, please!” because it allows me to buy whatever I like. Wether it is music, a rented video, a book, a new game, or even a program I need – I can get it all. And it also syncs between all my devices. I just download and Apple does the rest. So why do I tell you not to buy from iTunes?

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still ask for iTunes cards whenever I can – because of the mentioned reasons. But if I buy something more expensive such as a book I will check Amazon.com before. In the past I’ve been pretty blue-eyed and just assumed that things would cost the same or nearly the same but I got taught something else. In many occasions Amazon is a little cheaper than iTunes.

For example, I recently bought a book about Google Adwords. It costs on Amazon around $15 while it costs on iTunes about $10 more – maybe also due to the fact that I can just shop in the German iTunes store. So it might be not just the Amazon price compared to the iTunes price but also the different countries.

Amazon Just Got Better

As I mentioned before – I enjoyed purchasing from iTunes because of the gift cards and because of them syncing between my devices. That reason is no longer valid. Amazon recently released an App for iPhone and Android, which allows you also to play the music directly from the cloud. You can check it out here

To give you an idea – here are the top 5 music albums from Amazon, you can compare them with the iTunes price. Don’t forget, these prices can change daily so please check out where you can find the best price for your product:

The Best of the Monkees - The Monkees
Kidz Bop 22 - Kidz Bop Kids
The Ultimate Blue Train - John Coltrane
The Lumineers - The Lumineers
The Very Best of the Doors (Bonus Track Version) - The Doors

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PS: I will still recommend and review Apps you can buy on the iTunes and Mac App store but be sure I will compare the prices so you know where to get the best deal.


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