April 21, 2018

Getting RSS Feeds in Mail

Mail can do much more than simply check your email. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife; you can do a lot of things with it. Such as receiving an RSS feeds in Mail. You probably use an RSS reader to do that but there’s really no reason to as you can set-up Mail to receive them so that there’s one less program open and leaving a memory footprint.

Here’s how to set-up Mail to receive RSS feeds:

Launch Mail from either your Dock or Applications folder. From the menu toolbar, select Preferences or tap Command+, (comma).

Once the Preferences pane comes up, click on the RSS icon.rss feeds in Mail

Three settings can be customized. Set the Default RSS Reader to Mail. Retrieve the URLs of your RSS feeds from your previous reader. You can add them to Mail by selecting File then Add RSS Feeds. Paste or type in the URL and click Add. You also have the option to browse feeds in Safari bookmarks should you choose that.


You can also set the preference for how often Mail will check for updates. I like my feed to show up instantly so I have it set to the least amount of time. Checking to often will cost you battery power so if you are unplugged you might want to change it to a longer period of time.

The last setting is for the management of your RSS feed. You can select to remove the articles manually or after a certain period of time – daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

You can add new RSS Feeds easily. In your Mail window just click on the bottom on the “+” sign, choose add RSS Feeds and add the URL – that’s it.
rss feeds in Mail
I hope you see the advantage of setting up your RSS Feeds in Mail.
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