April 21, 2018

How to connect MacBook to TV without Apple TV

How to connect Macbook to TV?

First of all you might like to learn why you should connect MacBook to TV

You can connect Macbook to TV to watch a picture slideshow, movies from your computer or just listen to music from your iTunes library. As you can see it´s worth to give it a try as it will save you a lot of hassle burning DVDs with music and/or pictures. It really saves time and you are more flexible.

Connect Macbook to TV

Maybe you know that you can also rip all your DVDs and CDs to your Mac? If not you should check out this post where I talk about Rip It which allows you to rip nearly every DVD on the market to your computer – with and without submenus and bonus material.

How to connect MacBook to TV

Your MacBook already has an HDMI port. All you need is a Dynex Audio Cable, a DVI to HDMI wire and a Mini DVI Adaptor you plugin to your MacBook and TV and it´s done.

I found a nice video for you at YouTube which shows exactly how to do it, have a look:

If you are looking for the right cable to connect the MacBook to TV get the Dynex Audio Cable, a DVI to HDMI wire and a Mini DVI Adaptor.

After all it is very handy to have your computer connected to your TV. I use this great feature e.g. when I want to share photos with my friends or simply it to listen to music. Especially when you have put a lot of work in organizing your library you’ll love the fact that you can just click on a list you have prepared and have music all evening. For those of us who have a huge library we can even play DJ and respond to the wishes of our guests. Another option for sure is that we can rents movies over iTunes and watch them on our TVs.

Please note: This tip is mostly for older Notebooks. The newest generation of Macbooks (with Retina Display) allow you to use Air Play and your Apple TV to stream content to your TV.

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