April 26, 2018

How To Create A PDF

I find that one of the most useful features of Mac OS X is that handy-dandy ability to instantly create a PDF document. It has been very helpful for me since I prefer to send out my documents in a PDF file rather than in Word or Pages format. PDF is short for portable document format and the nice thing about it is that as long as you have a PDF reader, anybody can access the file without disturbing the format. So if I create a document in Pages and send it out as a PDF file, even those with Windows based PCs can read my file.

What I love about OS X is how easy it is to make a PDF version of the document. It’s built into the system so you can actually use whatever software you are using to make your document and just export it out into PDF.

Here are several ways to make a PDF:


Export to PDF

This function is often found on word processing and spreadsheet apps like iWork and MS Office. To make your document into a PDF file, pull down File from your menu and select Export. It will give you options on the formats you can save. Just select PDF. You can alter the settings such as the image quality or even secure the file by locking it with a password. If you are done with the settings, click Next, specify the destination folder and select Export. Your file will now be exported as PDF and saved in the location you specified.



Save as PDF

You can usually find this option in the Preview application and usually works for images you want to save as PDF files. To do so, make sure that the file is open in Preview. Pull down File and select Save As. Pull down the Format bar and select PDF. Adjust the quality and click Save. Your PDF file will save in the folder you specify.


Print as PDF

If you are browsing a website and would like to save it to be read as PDF file, one of the easiest ways to do it is to print it out but as a PDF file. You can also use this option for any app that has a print function. To print and save the file as a PDF, select Print from the File menu or press Command+P. You will be taken to the Print Dialogue box. On the left hand side is a preview of the printout. Beneath that is a box stating PDF with a down arrow. Pull down that arrow and you will see the options available. Select Save PDF and specify your destination folder. As a PDF file, you can now read your webpage offline and in Preview.

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