April 26, 2018

How To Make Screenshots On A Mac

Why screenshots on a Mac?

Screenshots on a Mac are usually very helpful if you want to document an error or if you preserve something from a website for later use. Also, if you create tutorials it is really helpful to create screenshots.

When you are new to the Mac you might have a hard time to find the option to make screenshots and once you’ve done you find that you have the images in PNG format on your harddrive. This is something I really hated because every time I made a screenshot I had to open my Photoshop, cut the picture and save it for web.

Shortcuts for screenshots

You have two options when making screenshots. First of all you can take a picture from the whole screen or, second, you can just take a shot from a detail.

1. Screenshot on a Mac from a whole screen

To make a screenshot from the whole screen press CMD+Shift+3 at once or CMD+Shift+CTRL+3 to add it to your clipboard

2. Screenshot on a Mac from a detail

To make a screenshot from a detail of the screen press CMD+Shift+4 at once and use your left mouse to assign the detail.

To make a screenshot from an open window use CMD+Shift+4+space bar.

Get rid of PNG and save your screenshot on a Mac as JPG

Click on top left on the little magnifier to open your Spotlight and type in “Terminal”. Once done a window pops up with that little program.

Type in (or better copy and paste from here to avoid mistakes):

defaults write com.apple.screencapture type JPG

You can also save it as GIF, then replace JPG with GIF.

Press enter and you are done – screenshots are now saved as JPG (after restart).

If you want to avoid a restart enter

killall SystemUIServer

I hope this not-so-common tip helps you to get annoyed because of screenshots 🙂

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