April 26, 2018

How To Use Stacks

How to use Stacks on your Mac

How to use Stacks on your Mac

I have one or two folders that I use most often. I get annoyed if I have to go the long way via Finder to look for said folders. I want to be able to open them at a click of the mouse and gain access to the files inside those folders.

That is resolved by having Stacks on your Dock. Simply put a Stack is a folder that can easily spring load from your dock, granting you easy access to the contents of that folder. These contents can appear either as a fan, a grid, or a list, depending on your references.

To make your folder into a stack, simply drag your folder onto the right side of the dock. It should show up as a folder icon. You can create as many stacks as you wish. Two-finger tap the folder to select how you want your Stack to appear. You can also select the criteria for sorting your Stack.

List View. I find this very useful for stacks that have a lot of files in it and if they belong to the same type. The list view allows for easy scrolling among your documents.

Fan View. This creates a literal stack. Your files are shown single file, one on top of each other. I use the fan view if the stack only contains a few number of files, maybe less than 10.

Grid View. This shows the items on your stack as icons on a rectangular matrix. I prefer to use the grid view if I am dealing with images or files that utilize different icons. The file names get truncated so I use these for things that are easily identifiable such as my Applications folder.

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