April 26, 2018

iMovie: Getting To Know The iMovie Interface

Getting to know iMovie – the Interface

When you launch iMovie from the Dock or from your Applications folder, you will be taken to a grey interface. At first glance it does seem complicated because there are a lot of panes and buttons, but once you familiarize yourself with the different iMovie control, you will find iMovie as very intuitive and generally one of the easiest video editing software to use.

Event Library

Located on the left side of the app, the Event Library lists all the videos that you have imported from your camera and other sources and into iMovie. You can organize them by date or event and event by hard drive. The star icon at the bottom allows you to control the visibility of the Event Library. You can also do some playback from the library using the play button.

Event Browser

The lower center portion of the interface is the event browser. Once you click on an event from the Event Library, the video will the show the movie in a clip format. You can adjust the length of time each square frame of the clips represent. You can also do the first pass on editing. You can highlight portions of the clip that you want and reject them, freeing up more space and lessening the load on your graphics and memory cards.

Getting to know the iMovie Interface

Project Library

Each movie that you create within iMovie is referred to as a project. All of these projects are listed in the Project Library. All the details regarding your project such as the name, duration, and format, are also defined here.

Project Editor

When you double click a project name in the Project Library, it will open said project in editor mode. This is where most of the work gets done. That means that you can make whatever modification to your project. It looks similar to the Event Browser where the movie is shown in a square frames or clips.

Preview Window

On the opposite side of the Project Editor, the Preview Windows is where you playback the video as you edit it. This is also the spot where you can make a variety of video edits such as cropping and control the Ken Burns effect which famously used in documentaries.

Add-Ons Windows

Located on the lower right portion of the interface, this is where the additional functions are located. You can give your movie a great look by inserting some themes, backgrounds or transitions. This is also where you can integrate your photos and music from iPhoto and iTunes respectively.

You can get iMovie from the App Store

iMovie - Apple

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