April 23, 2018

iMovie Tutorial: Edit Video Clips in iMovie

There so many iMovie editing tools that you can use to produce a fantastic looking film. In this iMovie Tutorial you learn about some of the basic editing functions that you can apply to your video clip. These are usually done on the clips that are already in the Project Editor. Using these tips will instantly improve your videos.

  1. Make your video tighter. Make your videos snappier by removing unwanted scenes. When you added the video clip from the Event Browser, you might have exercise caution and added some leeway at the beginning and at the end of the clip. Trim these off when you actually get the clip to the project area. Highlight in yellow the segment that you want to remove. Right click it and select Reject Clip and the portion will be removed. You can also select Split Clip and delete the portion you don’t want to keep.iMovie Tutorial - edit video clips
  2. Split clips to use in different portions of the timeline. You want to use the entire clip but not at the same time. You may want to use one portion in the beginning and the other towards the end. Rather than go all the way back to the Event Browser, the quickest way is to split the clip. Highlight the portion that you want to split, right click and select Split Clip. You can split the clip into as many portions as you like. Drag and drop the clips to rearrange them in the timeline.
  3. Stabilize the videos. Unless you are working with a trip, chances are the will be some camera shake. It can be minor and negligible. Other times it is very noticeable. Fortunately, iMovie has a tool that allows for some correction. Highlight the clip that you want to correct, click File and Select Analyze Video. Click Stabilization to remove some of the unwanted camera shake.
  4. Get rid of background noise. If you are planning to place some music as the soundtrack to your film, background noise can really get annoying. You can remove the background noise by “muting” the video clip. If there are portions whose audio you want to keep, split those clips. To remove the audio, double click on the frame of the clip. Select the audio tab. Bring the volume down to zero. For the clips whose audio you want to emphasize, you can bring the volume up and use the other slider to bring the volume of other tracks down.

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