April 26, 2018

iMovie Tutorial: Enhance Your iMovie Project With Titles

Adding Text to your iMovie Projects

Adding titles is a great way to add some text to your home movie. It can put emphasis on what is being shown on the clip, describe something, or identify an event or location. Titles can be placed in various ways throughout the project: over the video, over a background, or on one of the built-in animated background clip. All this is easily possible in iMovie.

To add some title text over your project, open the project that you want to edit. Click the Title icon on the iMovie toolbar on the lower right side of the interface. You can identify it as a capital “T”. You can also select titles from the Window menu. Choose from the various Title styles. Hover over the styles to see a preview of how the Titles are animated.iMovie Tutorial - add text to your movie

If you want the title to appear on video footage, drag the selected Title style over the clip where you want it to be seen. Drag it to the middle of the clip if you want the Title to cover the entire clip. If you place it towards the end of the clip, it will then align itself to that portion. The title will appear as a colored bar above the clip, blue for regular titles and gold for thematic titles. You can adjust the duration of the title by double clicking the colored bar and changing the duration. Alternatively you can hover over one of the ends and wait until the cursor changes into the resize cross. Shorten or lengthen to your preferences.

The Title can be viewed and edited in the Preview Window. Double click the placeholder that says Title Text Here and type in your desired text. You can change the Title’s font, color and alignment by pressing Show Fonts.

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