April 26, 2018

iMovie Tutorial: Record A Video In iMovie

There are some instances where you may want to record some additional clips of yourself to use as a narration or an introduction perhaps. Or if you are into video blogs, you want the ease of shooting a video and editing it at once. Fortunately, for those who need that, iMovie has a built-in function that allows you to record a video using your Mac’s built in iSight camera and then making it available for editing into an iMovie project.iMovie - Record a video

To record a video clip directly into iMovie, press the video camera icon located on top of the event library. Select capture. A pop-up menu will appear. Identify the target folder where the recorded vido will be saved. Make sure there is enough space in the disk. Choose how the recorded video will be imported to iMovie. You can select Add To An Existing Event and choose the event name or you can Add To A New Event and create a new name for that event.

Click Capture to begin recording your video using the built-in iSight camera. The camera will begin recording at once. Once you have shot enough video, just press Stop to end the recording. A new video clip will be created into the specified event. If you want to record some more video, click capture again and repeat the entire process. Once you’ve determined that you have enough video clips, press done.

Look for your recording on the Events Library. Select which ones you want and add them to your iMovie project.

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