April 23, 2018

iMovie Tutorial: Add Transitions To Your iMovie Project

iMovie Tutorial: Add Transitions to your Projects

The key to making a good movie is to use creative ways of segueing to a scene and having fun with editing your home movie. iMovie has a plethora of Transitions that you can add to your project. Some of these include cross dissolving, wiping into another clip, zooming in or out, and fading in or out. It is advisable that you don’t go crazy with the Transitions and use every single item on the menu. In this iMovie tutorial learn how to add transitions to your projects.

iMovie Tutorial: Add Transitions to your iMovie Projects

Ideally use a maximum of three or four types of Transitions for each iMovie project. To contribute to the uniformity, iMovie makes the duration for all the Transitions in your project the same.

There are two ways to add Transitions to your project: manually or automatically. To manually add transitions to your project workflow, click the Transitions button from the toolbar. It looks like an hourglass inside a square. Alternatively, select Window from the menu and click Transitions. The Transition Browser containing the different styles will appear. If you have selected a theme for your project, the theme-based Transitions will also appear. You can hover the cursor to see a preview of the Transition. Click the chosen Transition and then drag it to its place between to clips.

iMovie also gives you the option to add transitions automatically. This is a great option if you don’t want to think too much on where to place the transitions or if you want to get things done quickly. Once the Transitions have been added, you cannot add or delete them. To automatically add Transitions to your open project, select Project Theme from the File menu. Select the theme that you will be using. Check the box marked Automatically Add Transitions and Titles and confirm. iMovie will add Transitions throughout the project as well as opening and ending title sequences. If you opted to do without a theme, select No Theme and identify which Transition style will be automatically added to the Project.

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