April 20, 2018

iMovie: Importing Videos To iMovie

To be able to edit the different videos that you took using your camera, your iPhone and other various devices, you should import it to iMovie. These videos, once imported, will show up on iMovie’s Event Library. Before importing any videos, first check on your import settings. Launch iMovie and go to Preferences.

Switch to the video tab and look through the import options. You can select to import the original size of the video or choose an optimized version that is smaller in size and easier to work with. This works best when the output is for uploading online. For a uniform look, it is better that all the videos you will be using for a single project have the same size.

The next thing you should do is to take a look at all the events in the library. Do you want to add the videos you are about to import on the existing events list. If not, you can select add event to create a new event. Name the event appropriately to make it easy to find.To import video files, select Import from the iMovie menu. You can either import movies, camera archives or an iMovie project. A new sheet will appear wherein you can

iMovie Tutorial - Import Videos to iMovie

choose your file/s. You can also select whether to copy or move the files. Select copy if you want the original files to be kept intact. Also select the destination of these files – you can add to an event or create a new event. Once you make the confirmation, iMovie will import the files. Depending on the number and size of the files, this will usually take several minutes. Once imported, they will appear on your Events Library.

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