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Inner Ear – Drag & Drop Stucture Identification – A Review

Inner Ear - Drag & Drop Stucture Identification - A ReviewInner Ear – Drag & Drop Stucture Identification is an educational app, and you have guessed it it is all about the inner ear, and how it works.  There are a lot of details about the workings of the inner ear, as well as remarkably highly colorised pictures.  When you feel that you have learnt a little about the inner ear, or you already know a fair amount about the inner ear then you are able to put together models via the app.


The Inner Ear – Drag & Drop Stucture Identification mechanic is as simple as they come.  At the very top of the screen you have a jumbled up small images, each one of them is a part of the ear.

Your job is to:

  1. Select one by pressing your finger on to it
  2. then slide the piece with your finger across the screen over top box and inside its box
  3. to create your inner ear picture.

It is a little like a jigsaw puzzle in that all the pieces fit together, however unlike a jigsaw puzzle the pieces are not 2D; you are required to place one on top of the other fitting them together to make up the ear.  You may think this is just maybe one or two items however the intricate details within the ear on this app are tremendous and there are lots of puzzles for you to complete.Inner Ear - Drag & Drop Stucture Identification - A Review


The Inner Ear – Drag & Drop Stucture Identification itself is very user friendly, the menu system is simple and the reference material within is easy to access and the games/puzzles are easy to find.  If you do have further trouble in putting the ear together, and you are completely stuck then you can ask for hints by clicking on the button right of your screen.

Get the Inner Ear – Drag & Drop Stucture Identification App at the Mac App Store
Inner Ear - Drag & Drop Structure Identification - Blue Tree Publishing, Inc.

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