April 20, 2018

Internet Radio Box (iPad App Review)

The internet radio box is a means of getting the radio stations of the world come through the internet via your app.  It is not actually absorbing or receiving radio waves, it is simply streaming the music of radio stations from the internet.  You may listen to over 40,000 radio stations from RadioDeck, SHOUTcast Radio and Icecast Directory.  You can listen to free, independent, commercial and local stations from around the globe.  You can pick from the radio stations on offer, or you can find your preferred radio station using the location, or genre, the name or even a description.

You are able to record on the app, however I did not really explore the function because I was unsure of how the copyrighting would work on this one.  It supports all iOS Devices with iOS 3.0 or better, including iPad, iPhone3G(s), iPhone4 and iPod Touch.  It also offers iPad Support with a good user interface.  It has a number of features and I have to conclude that if you are looking for a means to play radio stations music from around the globe, then this is probably the app for you.  There are a few other apps out there which offer radio stations streamed from the internet, and I can’t say that this is any better or worse than any of those.  If you are looking to listen to the radio on your handheld device, then you cannot go to far wrong with this one.

Internet Radio Box - eingrad GmbH

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