April 23, 2018

iPad 3 Cover – Protect your iPad with fantastic iPad Covers

Why you need iPad 3 Cover

When I first got my iPad I was really worried to make scratches on its display or to simply throw it on the floor. Therefore, the first thing I did was ordering a cover to protect my iPad. I have a leather case which looks not just nice but also makes sure that my iPad survives a downfall. Beside that it is embedded into the leather case which makes sure that the display won’t get any scratches. Still, you need to be careful when you buy an iPad 3 Cover because some covers cover the edges of the iPad more than necessary and you cannot see what is going on on the screen. Here are some iPad 3 covers which help you to protect your iPad.

Invellop Black Leather Case

Leather Case - cover for iPad 3

Leather Case – cover for iPad 3

This iPad 3 Cover has a built in magnetic strip for secure closure and sleep/awake function for all iPads. I love the look of the case. It usually lies next to me while working and it is my memo book, my notebook, my appointment schedule and much more. It looks though as if I have a nice planner, you can’t see at a first glance that it is my iPad. Of course you can access all features such as your camera and your power plugin. Additionally, the cover has flip capability to transform the case into a horizontal stand and position for typing.

For the best deal, go to Amazon.com to find the iPad 3 Cover Leather Case.

ZuGadgets Black / Neoprene Inner Sleeve

iPad 3 Cover Neoprene Case

iPad 3 Cover Neoprene Case

If you want your iPad protected but prefer to have it not covered this iPad 3 Cover is just adorable. You can grab it in six different colors. If you want to attract attention nothing is better than the neon iPad 3 Cover. The cover looks like a little hand bag and is nice to use. If you like you can even store something else but be careful – if you have no protection foil for your iPad’s display and backside you might again have some scratches.

You can find this lovely iPad 3 Cover Neoprene Case here

Wave Textured Leather Case

Another really nice iPad 3 Cover is this Wave Textured Leather Case available in numerous different colors. It is not like the Leather Case that you can

iPad 3 Cover - Wave Textured Leather Case

iPad 3 Cover – Wave Textured Leather Case

use it like briefcase. This iPad Cover really just covers your iPad. Still, it looks nice and you can choose a color which suits your style perfectly. Women might even prefer to have different iPad Covers based on the clothes they wear. I know this might sound a bit exaggerated but don’t we all choose a hand bag for the day which fits out outfit?

You can find the Wave Textured Leather Case here

On the Internet you can find a huge selection of iPad Covers. You need to decide if you are more looking for an included stand or if you prefer a briefcase to protect your iPad.

In any case – make sure you have something around it as it is easily damageable and not as robust as it looks like. How sad is it to spend 100s on the iPad and then not cover it with a nice iPad cover and have scratches everywhere?

So don’t hesitate, get a nice iPad 3 Cover which fits perfectly to you. There are tons of different covers available here.

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