April 20, 2018

iPad App – RagDoll Blaster 3 HD (Review)

RagDoll Blaster 3 HD

Rad Doll Blaster 3 HD

Rad Doll Blaster 3 HD

I dislike using the term “its like……” because where it may be true that some people take their creative inspiration from popular ideas, they should be judged as they stand alone.  A lot of the world’s most popular ideas are inspired from other places.  And so is RagDoll Blaster 3.

Indiana Jones and Star Wars are ideas inspired by old western and Samurai films for example.  Then there are times when somebody does it wrong but gets popular, and then the people “inspired” by it get it right.  Just like how the Twilight saga films took a big steamy bottom movement over teenage girls’ cinema, but then the producers of the film “red riding hood” took the idea and nailed it.

So yes, maybe RagDoll Blaster was inspired by Angry Birds, but you are going to see a lot of apps emerging that are similar, because money often equals copy cats.

With a similar concept to Angry Birds, it is about launching things at targets.

The graphics in RagDoll Blaster are quite fun and the game has the added angle of challenging yourself.  You are trying to advance to the next level by taking as few shots as possible.  As RagDoll Blaster has progressed from one to three, the graphics have gotten better and so has the gameplay.  It is a very good set of standalone games and has been very popular too, with over 15 million downloads.

Will it be around forever?  Or will it be quietly popular for a while and then die out like the snake game on the old mobile phones.  Only the future will tell.

But until then – if you want an addictive fun game – grab it for some cent from the App Store.

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