April 21, 2018

How To Find The Perfect iPad Data Plans

ipad-data-plansMaybe you are a reader of  TheMacMania a bit longer so you know that I got my iPad as a Christmas gift. I asked for an iPad with the chance to add a SIM card as I wanted to be sure that I can use the iPad WiFi independent. My office is in my house so the necessity to buy the SIM card immediately was not so big. Actually, I didn’t need it for seven months – until last week.

We are going on holiday next week so I thought it would be great to have a SIM Card with a Data Plan for iPads as I have no idea if there is a WiFi connection in the hotel. I can easily see myself on the pool with my iPad, reading, and enjoying the sun 😀

So it was absolutely necessary to get myself, finally, a SIM card and an iPad Data Plan.

In a shopping mall close to my home I went to three different shops for mobile phones – one told me they don’t have SIM cards for iPads, one had a card but just if I wanted an iPad as well, and the third one finally could help me. I could choose between several data plans for iPad at O2 depending on my needs.

You can get a data plan for 200 MB, 1 GB, and 2 GB including unlimited WiFi.

But which iPad Data Plan should you choose?

Check out the O2 iPad Data Plans here 

The 200 MB day-by-day plan is for those surfing mobile from time to time, e.g. like me when I’m on holiday and need it for some days. For 200 MB I can open 2000 pages, download 40 songs, or watch 25 minutes of video (in average). This is plenty and should be fine for most of us.

The 1 GB plan is a monthly, recurring plan, which allows you to surf on 10,000 pages, download 200 songs, or watch 2 hours of video online. This plan is for people who spend a lot of time outside their homes or need the iPad for working purposes from time to time.

The last option is the 2 GB plan and also a monthly, recurring payment plan. It allows you surfing 20,000 websites, downloading 400 songs, or watching 4 hours of video. This iPad Data Plan is really for intensive mobile surfers.

As you can see the iPad data plan you choose depends on your personal needs. Wether you are using your iPad mobile just from time to time or you are an every day mobile surfer you’ll need a different plan.

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