April 23, 2018

Solar System for iPad (Review)

This book was created with the help of the author Marcus Chown, who takes you on a tour through the solar system and displays the planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and spacecraft that surround the Sun in our cosmic backyard.  The book has a lot of three dimensional images and a lot of information … [Read more...]

iPad App – RagDoll Blaster 3 HD (Review)

RagDoll Blaster 3 HD I dislike using the term “its like……” because where it may be true that some people take their creative inspiration from popular ideas, they should be judged as they stand alone.  A lot of the world’s most popular ideas are inspired from other places.  And so is RagDoll … [Read more...]

iPhoto for iPad: An Overview

iPhoto App for iPad I love testing new applications (as you already know ;-)) so no wonder I got iPhoto for  iPad quickly. Not that you can take really good photos with your iPad 2 (at least not when the light is not 100% great) - this is really a big minus - but you can sort your photos … [Read more...]

Photogene for iPad (Review)

I am unsure just how much I like Photogene.  Like an overweight goal keeper, I am caught between two posts.  In essence it is a photo editing software, with a few extra little features like adding speech bubbles.  It doesn’t really have enough features to be called a photoshopping app, and that is … [Read more...]

Internet Radio Box (iPad App Review)

The internet radio box is a means of getting the radio stations of the world come through the internet via your app.  It is not actually absorbing or receiving radio waves, it is simply streaming the music of radio stations from the internet.  You may listen to over 40,000 radio stations from … [Read more...]