April 23, 2018

Carcassonne (iPhone and iPad App Review)

Carcassonne is a great little board game version app game for iPhone and iPad.  If you have never heard of the board game, then do not fret.  Once you are exposed to it and its rules, it will either grow on you, or you will not be interested.  Either way, you can have bags of fun if you get into … [Read more...]

Articles for iPad Review

This is part of the move to make the iPad more than just a mobile distraction centre with Articles.  It is a well established fact that the creators of the iPad want their handheld devices to become nothing short of the hand held devices carried round by the cast of star trek.  Despite the fact that … [Read more...]

Djay (iPad App)

The DJAY app is fairly self explanatory, and if you are not sure what I mean, then take a look at the promotional pics and you will get it.  This is the DJAY app that was originally created for the Mac.  It has now been converted over onto the iPad, which means that even more DJ wannabes can get … [Read more...]

Bloom HD (iPad App Review)

Bloom is a music app, where you can create your own music which are set to (up to) twelve different moods.  The graphics then react to the sounds you have created.  You are able to tap the screen a few times and create a minutes worth of music with random sounds which can then be repeated over for … [Read more...]

AmpliTube for iPad

The AmpliTube is an app for the electric guitar players of this world.  It is a fairly pricey little app, of which you will also need to buy a rig.  This will allow you to plug your electric guitar into your iPad.  This is because your app’s purpose is to be like an amp.  By which I mean that you … [Read more...]