May 23, 2018

Functions and Features of iOS 6

The latest – and purportedly greatest – Apple iOs has now arrived. With all of the new functions and features that it has, you are sure to experience a whole new level of Apple heaven. Now, what exactly does Apple iOS 6 have to offer you this time? Let me go on ahead and enlighten you with the … [Read more...]

Why You Should Buy The iPad 2 now

If you read TheMacMania for longer you already know that I'm a proud owner of Apple's iPad 2. I got it as a christmas gift and I can hardly live without it anymore (kidding of course!). When I got it on Christmas I knew there would be a new, better iPad coming somewhere in Spring but I decided that … [Read more...]

Good Reasons To Buy An iPad

As soon as Apple announces the release of a new iPad the tech geeks get excited and their credit card ready to purchase the newest version. It does not matter that it has not tons of new features. The Apple Fans just want it. When the latest iPad was released recently fans were camping in front … [Read more...]

How To Find The Perfect iPad Data Plans

Maybe you are a reader of  TheMacMania a bit longer so you know that I got my iPad as a Christmas gift. I asked for an iPad with the chance to add a SIM card as I wanted to be sure that I can use the iPad WiFi independent. My office is in my house so the necessity to buy the SIM card immediately was … [Read more...]

My iPad and I on Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas to all my readers here, I hope you enjoy Christmas as much as I can this year. We had a very quiet Christmas and loved it all. We sat together, exchanged some presents, and had dinner. It was delicious but as much as I enjoyed being together with my family I enjoyed the presents from … [Read more...]