March 22, 2018

Good Reasons To Buy An iPad

As soon as Apple announces the release of a new iPad the tech geeks get excited and their credit card ready to purchase the newest version. It does not matter that it has not tons of new features. The Apple Fans just want it. When the latest iPad was released recently fans were camping in front … [Read more...]

How To Find The Perfect iPad Data Plans

Maybe you are a reader of  TheMacMania a bit longer so you know that I got my iPad as a Christmas gift. I asked for an iPad with the chance to add a SIM card as I wanted to be sure that I can use the iPad WiFi independent. My office is in my house so the necessity to buy the SIM card immediately was … [Read more...]

X is for X-Ray for iPad (Review)

This app offers an x-ray view of twenty six ordinary every day objects.  The images act like objects, so that you can swipe and rotate them with just your fingertips.  You can also double tap to get a stereoscopic option.  You can also zoom in closer to see terrific detail. The recommended age … [Read more...]

Where’s my Water for iPad (Review)

Disney created the lovable creature swampy in this super cute game Where's my Water.  He is no Kermit the frog, but then neither are most things.  There is a free version of Where's my Water, but unlike the shopping baskets in my local fishing pond, you may end up hooked.  Once you are addicted to … [Read more...]

Solar System for iPad (Review)

This book was created with the help of the author Marcus Chown, who takes you on a tour through the solar system and displays the planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and spacecraft that surround the Sun in our cosmic backyard.  The book has a lot of three dimensional images and a lot of information … [Read more...]