April 20, 2018

SleepCycles Alarm (Review)

Waking up in the early hours does nobody any favors, especially in those winter months when it’s cold and dark outside.  The strange thing about SleepCycles Alarm is that its aim is to get you out of the cycle of waking up at the wrong time, by waking you up at the right time.  It wakes you up in a … [Read more...]

Local Eats (iPhone App Review)

Local Eats (LocalEats) is another step in the right direction when it comes to finding places.  Google Maps was great, sat nav was even better.  If you travel on the road a lot, then this app is really for you.  What we need are more of these. Basically, it does the same things that a sat nav … [Read more...]

Carcassonne (iPhone and iPad App Review)

Carcassonne is a great little board game version app game for iPhone and iPad.  If you have never heard of the board game, then do not fret.  Once you are exposed to it and its rules, it will either grow on you, or you will not be interested.  Either way, you can have bags of fun if you get into … [Read more...]

Game your Video

Release your inner child without having to suffer the grazed knees and acne.  You can create hours of fun with the game your video app.  There is hours of fun to be had playing around with silly voices and Matrix style effects.  It is a life saver if you have to wait for something or someone and you … [Read more...]

Appetites iPhone App Review

I am getting a little sick of people whom sell this app, claiming that it will revolutionize cook books.  It bothers me more than the fact that the Director Michael Bay keeps getting work, and more than the fact that the only reward we have for our young people achieving well in school is to tell … [Read more...]