April 23, 2018

Anti Crop iPhone App Review

With this new and innovative app, pictures can be transformed on your iPad or iPhone with ease.  This cute little unsuspecting app is magic at helping you get the most out of your iPhone/iPad.  It allows you to fully utilize the amazing HD features on the iPhone/iPad by expanding and un-cropping … [Read more...]

Angry Birds iPhone App Review

Possibly the most successful and most talked about App so far.  If you know about apps, then you know about Angry birds.  It is this generation’s Lemmings or Tetris. This gaming app consists of hundreds of levels, each one testing your patience, judgment, wit and strategic skill. Now there is … [Read more...]

Sleep better with Pzizz – iPhone App to help you sleep better and deeper (Review)

What Does Pzizz Do Pzizz is an application for Windows and Mac OS that generates soundtracks to either aid in sleep, or give some energy to finish the day. You get a new soundtrack each time you start the App so you never get bored! What Are The Features of Pzizz Pzizz generates music that is a … [Read more...]