April 21, 2018

Sharing Photos Online (Facebook, etc)

Ever wish you could just simply drag and drop photos from your iPhoto collections to social media sites but don’t know how to do it? If you feel you had just about all the how-to’s on this topic, most probably you are not alone. But before you throw in the towel or start another round of searching expedition on the web, look no further because we already got you covered.

The idea of sharing photos online in iPhoto was introduced in version ’09. However, this feature received both positive and negative responses from mac users. Most unfavorable feedbacks stem from disappointments due to the confusing and complicated methods that users have to accurately carry out. Now, with iPhoto ’11, sharing photos as well as videos on the web has pretty much improved. Apple has fully integrated online publishing on a number popular platforms like MobileMe, Facebook, Flickr and iWeb. Of course, users can still upload photos to web servers via the Export process.

We’ll take each platform one at a time so get ready to be enlightened.


sharing photos

Apple’s MobileMe service was originally included in iPhoto’s integration. This option is exclusively available to MobileMe subscribers, however, due to the company’s change in policy, MobileMe’s service will be terminated by 30th of June 2012. Members are given until the said deadline to move to iCloud which is Apple’s new cloud storage service. Correspondingly, MobileMe has ceased to accept subscription.

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Given that situation of MobileMe’s imminent discontinuation, it is futile to give readers further guide in using this service so we will not be discussing this method anymore. If in the future iPhoto will be integrating iCloud to its Sharing function, we’ll surely add this in our lessons.


Since iPhoto ’11 began integrating Facebook into its sharing function, uploading photos on Facecebook took a shorter course. Before anything, you need to add your Facebook account in iPhoto’s Preferences.

sharing photos on facebook

Do this by going to Preferences> Accounts tab > Click on the “+” sign > select Facebook from the dropdown menu and Click “Add”. You will be prompted to login to your Facebook Account, put a check on the terms box, and once you’ve successfully logged-in you’re ready to share your pictures direct from iPhoto!

You have a few options for sharing pictures on Facebook:


– Add a Profile Picture 

Select a photo from your Events or Albums that you’d like to be your Profile Photo in Facebook. Hit “Share” on the Toolbar at the lower right portion of iPhoto window then choose “Facebook”> “Profile Picture” and click “Set” on the dialogue box.

You need to select only one photo, otherwise, this function will be unavailable in the pop-up.

– Create a New Album

Select the event/album you intend to upload on Facebook, after clicking “Share” in the toolbar, click Facebook, and then “New Album”.

sharing photos - create an album

A dialogue box will ask you if you want to publish “The Album” to Facebook. You can customize by putting a Name to the Album and filter the viewers as well. Push Publish when you are done.

– Post photo on your Wall 

Similar to adding Profile Picture, follow the same procedure except that you choose “Wall” from the pop-up menu this time.

Add caption if you wish and click “Publish”

You can put a caption to your photo but cannot control who can view it if you publish it directly to your wall since this option is not available in iPhoto. If you wish to filter your audience, you need to do this on Facebook via your browser.

– Add Picture/s to your existing Albums in Facebook

When you want to add more images to an already uploaded Album in Facebook, all you have to do is highlight each picture then click “Share” in the toolbar, select Facebook and locate the Album where you want to incorporate the new pictures.


Flickr is a website that offers free image hosting and you can publish your pictures from iPhoto here. As a requirement, you must have a Yahoo account in order to use Flickr.

Set-up your Flickr Account with iPhoto in the same manner as that with Facebook.


Then your browser will open the Flickr page where you need to log-in, connect with iPhoto and authorize.

Publishing photos in Flickr is very easy, just select a single or multiple photos or even a whole Event then on the toolbar hit Share > Flickr > choose between New Set or PhotoStream.

Wait until Flickr has completely loaded your photo/s.

And that ends our lesson on Sharing Pictures Online with iPhoto. Until our next learning session.

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