April 20, 2018

iPhoto for iPad: An Overview

iPhoto App for iPad

I love testing new applications (as you already know ;-)) so no wonder I got iPhoto for  iPad quickly.

Not that you can take really good photos with your iPad 2 (at least not when the light is not 100% great) – this is really a big minus – but you can sort your photos properly. Still, I wouldn’t have bought it without the function “Journale” – as a scrapbooker this definitely convinced me because I can create nice memories with it and send it to iCloud or iTunes or make a slide show from it.

iPhoto for iPad  is pretty self explaining. 

One of the nicest things about iPhoto for iPad is the Journal where you can add additional information to your photos. Here I quickly put together from my cat – with the date, a note, the place where I took the pic and the weather we had.

See what you can add to your journal pages – headings, text, space, weather, place, etc.

Here you can choose the pictures you want to add.


Here you can see the albums you have on your iPad

Grab iPhot for iPad from the store?

I would definitely say YES – if you like to play with photos or add additional information. I really enjoyed doing using it.

Grab it from the App store here:
iPhoto - Apple



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