April 26, 2018

The iPhoto Workshop In The Apple Store

iPhoto Workshop in Oberhausen

I’m on vacation from my students and do the fun things in life – beside writing articles I’ve visited yesterday with my Mum the iPhoto Workshop in the just opened Apple Store in Oberhausen. Wherever you are – when you have an Apple Store near you – try this free education.
I’m not really enthusiastic about it though.

How the iPhoto Workshop worked

All started really professional. We went to the store, asked one of the salesmen and were sent to one of the tables with lots of presented Macbooks. He used an iPad to register us. First I thought each of the participants would get on a computer themselves. But the truth was that for the iPhoto Workshop one of the salesman connected a laptop with a cinema display from Apple and put the 8 participants and those who just joined because they were in the shop around it – no extra space or separate room for it.
It was hard to see. The display was really too small for this purpose. So we could hardly see anything but at least he used a microphone so you could hear him well (beside the fact that he stood 1 m in front of me LOL). Anyway – the participants could ask questions, the staff member was really patient and answered them all. During the iPhoto Workshop we changed the positions sometimes so with rotation we could see better.

The iPhoto Workshop – a Conclusion

I really think it´s great that Apple offers these iPhoto Workshops for free but they are really just to get an impression – not to learn something because you cannot try it out. Also, you can ask questions which is really helpful.
Still, if you are far away from an Apple store or if you like “learning by doing” it´s much better to watch video tutorials, e.g. from Lynda.com which offers classes for all kind of programs, also for the whole iLife suite.
Right now they have a 24h free pass to watch as many classes as you want. Even if you don´t decide to stay with them, it´s great to try it out and you can save your way to the next Apple Store to participate in the iPhoto Workshop.

But you can find an iPhoto workshop on the Mac App Store, go here to learn all about this fascinating program

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