April 20, 2018

Is OS X Mountain Lion A Worthwhile Upgrade?

It was announced in the 2012 World Wide Developers Conference that the newest version of Apple’s operating system, the OS X Mountain Lion, will ship to users at the end of July. With many computers already running on Lion, which is just a year old, is the OS X Mountain Lion a worthwhile up grade?

While every generation of OS X has a similar look and feel to the previous version, there are significant upgrades. This is very apparent in Mountain Lion. There are many, many changes coming to the new OS. The best description would probably be that they took the best of Lion and combined it with the best of iOS, the mobile operating system of Apple devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. The goal was to have a seamless connectivity between the different Apple products and they have definitely achieved that with Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion comes with a whopping 200 new features, both minor and major. That many new features cannot certainly be ignored. You can read more about the new Mountain Lion Features here.

Should You Upgrade To Mountain Lion?

The new OS comes with a plethora of new applications. Dictation, Notification Center and Notes are all an enriched version on what is available on iOS. One of the most exciting new upgrades would be Safari 6, which will be available for Mountain Lion. It should be faster and more efficient than ever before. For media loving people, Mountain Lion would be a most welcome upgrade because of the integration with the different social networks. Photobooth can post to Facebook while there is now Twitter integration with the native apps.

For people who use their Mac for work and for collaboration, an upgrade is not just a want, but a necessity. Many productivity applications will be having a refresh. Mail will be getting many new features. Those who need teleconferencing capabilities will be happier with the new Messages app that combines a much improved messaging and video conferencing system. The addition of the screen sharing feature will definitely make it so much easier to collaborate with team members.

In terms of ease of upgrade, Mountain Lion will be following the footsteps of its predecessor, Lion. The can be downloaded from the Mac App Store and installed immediately. This is likely to be a no muss, no fuss type of installation. The only thing you should probably worry about is the time it takes to download the installer on the first day when everybody and their cousin are accessing the server.

The price of the software upgrade certainly makes it very affordable and desirable. Gone are the days when consumers are charges an arm and a leg for the latest operating system. The upgrade only costs $19.99! That’s just the equivalent of sacrificing a dinner out to be able to purchase the upgrade. And if you have bought a Mac just recently, they throw in the upgrade for free.

So should you buy the upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion? Definitely! There are so many new features for the price tag. You can certainly say that it’s great value.

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