April 21, 2018

Smart Playlists In Itunes For Your Next Party

Create Smart Playlists in iTunes

Smart Playlists are really great to set up a quick playlist for your party or a nice evening for two!

iTunes is a real Media Center which gives you a great experience when you listen to music. But when you are a new iTunes user it can be also a little challenging. This tutorial shows you how to create smart playlists in iTunes. This means – you give your playlist some criteria and it creates itself. Once done this is a great way to have even automatically updated playlists. Have a look at the tutorial to learn how. If you like how my library looks have a look at the Tune up program which helps you to sort your songs, rename them if necessary and add an album artwork.

Learn how to set up Smart Playlists in this video

Even if you do not want to sort all your music – imagine how handy it is to have a party and someone wants to listen to a special artist. With a click you can fulfill the wish easily.

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