April 21, 2018

Jaksta – Download Music For Your Mac For Free

I just got myself a new program – Jaksta and I’m really happy with it! I love listening to music but even more than that I love when I can record music while it’s played to store it on my computer. Usually when you ask me what I want for birthday I say: an iTunes Card, please 😉 because then I can get music, programs, apps and whatever I like from one minute to the other from the iTunes store. And I really love that I can get what I want when I want and load it to all devices.

So today I had a promo in my mailbox from Mupromo.com who have a daily deal for Mac software (see banner on the top). When I saw Jaksta I couldn’t resist because this program records the music I play immediately when I start and saves it as video, mp3 or in special formats for iPod, iPhone, iTunes, Apple TV and more – perfect!

I downloaded the trial and was hooked of Jaksta – so here a short review 😀


See Jaksta here

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