April 23, 2018

How to Give your Lion a New Look with Lion Designer

Are you getting bored with your Lion’s UI? It’s been going around Mac community that many of those who upgraded their Mac OS to OS X Lion are not so happy that the system’s visual design has gone, shall we say, “too subdued” for their taste. So, to those of you who are itching to tweak your Lions’ appearance for the sake of aesthetic glory, Lion Designer is the way to go.

Lion Designer is a free app developed by Moritz Wette which allows OS X Lion users to style up their Mac’s general look in the following aspecs: Mission Control, Dashboard, Launchpad (backgrounds and folders) and Login Screen. The tool is surprisingly easy to use. We like the thought that with Lion Designer, reverting to Lion’s default look can be done with just a click of a button.

Download Lion Designer

Lion Designer is available as a free download  from the developer’s site here. Save it on your hard drive, unzip the file and install the app.

Once you have successfully installed the app, the Lion Designer icon will be added to your dock and it should look like the image below.


Work it out

Are you ready to customize your Lion’s UI? Begin by launching the app and wait for the Lion Designer window to appear. Here you can see which features on your Mac can be tweaked which are as follows:

– Mission Control background
– Dashboard background
– Launchpad folder icon
– Launchpad folder background
– Login screen background
– Plus some other add-ons

Try it

Let’s take dashboard background as our example.


From the Lion Designer window, click on the “Change” button beside Dashboard Background.


A pop-up window will open by default the Backgrounds folder.


You can choose from that list or go to the location where you have saved your preferred background image. Once you have made a selection, click on “Choose”.


Subsequently, you’ll be asked twice for your administrator log-in in order for the changes to apply.


At this point you can check out your Dashboard again to see if the new background is already up.


Basically, the same steps apply when making changes to the rest of the features. As mentioned earlier, it’s super easy to reset any changes so you can be as daring as you want.

As an added bonus, Lion Designer also lets you customize your Launchpad Background and even your FaceTime Ringtone.

We are glad that this app has surpassed our expectations that’s why we recommend every Lion user to give it a try too, and that includes even the faint hearted. Why do we say so? Because studies show that having a nice interface contribute to the user’s efficiency and productivity. Now you can enjoy your Lion even more!

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