April 21, 2018

Listen To Internet Radio With iTunes

iTunes is pretty versatile. While initially conceived years ago to be the music manager for your iPods and a music player for your computer, it has evolved over the last decade. It now syncs manages a variety of iOS devices while still remaining true to its origins.

Even the way it manages music has evolved over time. Before, you could only play music that is either in your computer’s hard drive or on the iPod it is connected to via cable. However, another source of music has exploded over the airwaves: internet radio. There are now a plethora of internet radio stations that you can listen to. The great thing about that is you end up listening to something new. You don’t have to play your tired old playlist. Just stream the station and listen to it while doing other things.

Internet Radio with iTunes

It is important that you do have a good internet connection, preferably broadband. Because internet radio streams, the good internet connection would allow it to play continuously without buffering. You sure wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a song and have it stop to buffer, would you?

To keep your list of radio stations in one place, it is advisable to create a playlist for it. Click File and select Create New Playlist. You can name the playlist Radio Stations or something similar.

On the left side of iTunes, you will have your menu that contains your Library and Playlists. Under Library, click Radio. You will see a list streams, usually the different genres of music: Ambient, Blues, etc. Choose which type you want to listen to and click the triangle to have it disclose all the stations that fall under that category. Double click the station to listen to it. If you like it, then you can drag and drop it on the playlist you created earlier so you’ll have easy access to it next time.

With this tip you can easily listen to Internet Radio with iTunes 🙂

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