April 23, 2018

Local Eats (iPhone App Review)

Local Eats (LocalEats) is another step in the right direction when it comes to finding places.  Google Maps was great, sat nav was even better.  If you travel on the road a lot, then this app is really for you.  What we need are more of these.

Basically, it does the same things that a sat nav does.  Quite often a sat nav will let you know if you are near a restaurant or petrol station.  As I am sure you have discovered, the listings on these sorts of things are far from comprehensive.  Even the massive data base of Google Maps is missing massive amounts of information on various establishments and locations around the globe.  This is because Google Maps is trying to be all things to all people, so that it cannot even hope to be able to keep track of where all the petrol stations, shops and offices are going.

Local-Eats is an app that tells you where local restaurants are.  If you are a semi frequent traveler, you will find this resource a massive help.  It is also good for the fact that it is concentrating on just one aspect, i.e. the food industry.  Concentrating on one thing means that the information it gives is far more likely to be accurate.

Now, not unlike the view at Niagara Falls, here is the downside.  The list is curated.  I had to get out my big clown hanky to dry my tears for this one, because it cancels out everything I just wrote.  This app “Purposefully” misses out restaurants for the ones it feels you should know about.

If lots of people buy this app, then maybe another company will make a competitor version that lists all the restaurants and food outlets in the country, but with that said, I don’t feel we should reward a company for taking such a good idea and smashing it.  So for the sake of all hungry people, avoid this app.

LocalEats - Magellan Press Inc.

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