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What additional software do you need on your Mac?

MacTV Pro: TV Entertainment For Your Mac

August 15, 2012 // 0 Comments

 Many studies have shown that a lot of people use their computers as their primary multimedia device nowadays. While nothing beats the television set in terms of size and clarity, more and more people have been turning to their desktop iMacs, and most especially their portable Macs as their personal entertainment command center. The internet has made streaming, purchasing, and downloading movies, music, and TV shows so much easier and convenient. Even if you are traveling far from home, you ...Hier Weiterlesen

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 – Student and Home Edition

August 13, 2012 // 0 Comments

Microsoft Office has to be the most widely used office productivity software in the planet. It is in millions or even billions of computers worldwide, ranging from sophisticated machines used in various businesses to the desktop at home or the laptop or netbook that your son or daughter uses. The files extensions .docx and .xlsx has been synonymous with word processors and spreadsheets. Almost everybody has encountered a Microsoft Office application at one point in time.   While Apple has ...Hier Weiterlesen

Running Windows Apps On Your Mac With Parallels Desktop For Mac

August 9, 2012 // 0 Comments

Mac owners will tell you that they are quite happy with the OS X, the native operating system that runs on your Mac. However, there are those moments where you need to run a Windows application that does not have a version for the OS X. Some of the software might be crucial for your work or they can be fun and games that only run on Windows. Whatever the reason may be, finding out that a necessary piece of software will not run on your Mac can be thoroughly inconvenient, not to mention, ...Hier Weiterlesen

7 Presents For Mac Lovers

July 30, 2012 // 0 Comments

What are the perfect presents for Mac Lovers? It seems birthdays are usually coming up much faster than expected. But if your mum, dad, brother, sister, or friend is a mac lover the present will come easily to you – here is a list of the most bought presents for Mac Lovers. Top 7 List of the best Presents for Mac Lovers 1. Swiss Gear By Wenger Rhea Womens Computer notebooks Case with multiple interior pockets If your female friend or mum has a MacBook Pro in 15′ she’ll love ...Hier Weiterlesen

5 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To OS X Mountain Lion

July 30, 2012 // 0 Comments

With the debut of Apple’s newest operating system, the OS X Mountain Lion, right around the corner, every Mac user is debating whether or not to purchase this upgrade. You will definitely have your early adopters, who always want the latest and greatest. They will certainly upgrade immediately. Then you have the wait and see guys who will wait for the reviews of the early adopters before deciding for themselves. Next come the stragglers who will take a few months or maybe a year to upgrade ...Hier Weiterlesen

Is OS X Mountain Lion A Worthwhile Upgrade?

July 28, 2012 // 0 Comments

It was announced in the 2012 World Wide Developers Conference that the newest version of Apple’s operating system, the OS X Mountain Lion, will ship to users at the end of July. With many computers already running on Lion, which is just a year old, is the OS X Mountain Lion a worthwhile up grade? While every generation of OS X has a similar look and feel to the previous version, there are significant upgrades. This is very apparent in Mountain Lion. There are many, many changes coming to the ...Hier Weiterlesen

The 5 Most Important New Features of OS X Mountain Lion

July 26, 2012 // 1 Comment

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is Apple’s newest incarnation of its ever popular operating system. Officially made to the public in July 2012, this long awaited successor to OS X Lion, is available for purchase at an affordable price $19.99. The great thing about OS X is that anybody who is familiar with the previous versions will find the upgrade easy to. That being said, OS X Mountain Lion still a plethora of new features that Mac users will enjoy. Some of them are minor updates, while others are ...Hier Weiterlesen

7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour – A Review

July 21, 2012 // 0 Comments

The Magical Mystery Tour is similar to games I have seen before.  There is a box with many different varieties of smaller boxes within, and the aim of the Magical Mystery Tour is to remove some whilst others move down to replace.  It’s a game where you would then try to destroy other boxes by pressing ones that have the same color that are all closely bulked together. Similar but different The difference with Magical Mystery Tour seems to be that there are lots of ways in which these boxes ...Hier Weiterlesen

5 Simulation Games For Mac

July 11, 2012 // 0 Comments

As the name implies, simulation games aim to imitate aspects of real life into the gameplay. While many simulation games act as an escape from real life and into one that is a more ideal image, simulation games also have some serious application. They can be used for training and updating skills, predicting the possible outcome of a scenario or analyzing certain actions and decisions. Many law enforcement agencies, businesses and even airlines use simulation games to prepare for real life. But ...Hier Weiterlesen

TextExpander – save time and effort writing emails and more

July 7, 2012 // 1 Comment

What Does TextExpander Do TextExpander makes the user able to respond more quickly to emails and write documents quicker, as well as save type-writing time while ensuring the quality of text produced. What Are Features of TextExpander The Mac version of a popular software for PC, PhraseExpress, TextExpander improves productivity by transforming the written expressions you use most frequently to keyboard shortcuts.  Each piece of text to be reproduced is saved in its place by TextExpander via a ...Hier Weiterlesen
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