May 23, 2018

Is OS X Mountain Lion A Worthwhile Upgrade?

It was announced in the 2012 World Wide Developers Conference that the newest version of Apple’s operating system, the OS X Mountain Lion, will ship to users at the end of July. With many computers already running on Lion, which is just a year old, is the OS X Mountain Lion a worthwhile up … [Read more...]

The 5 Most Important New Features of OS X Mountain Lion

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is Apple’s newest incarnation of its ever popular operating system. Officially made to the public in July 2012, this long awaited successor to OS X Lion, is available for purchase at an affordable price $19.99. The great thing about OS X is that anybody who is familiar with … [Read more...]

7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour – A Review

The Magical Mystery Tour is similar to games I have seen before.  There is a box with many different varieties of smaller boxes within, and the aim of the Magical Mystery Tour is to remove some whilst others move down to replace.  It’s a game where you would then try to destroy other boxes by … [Read more...]

5 Simulation Games For Mac

As the name implies, simulation games aim to imitate aspects of real life into the gameplay. While many simulation games act as an escape from real life and into one that is a more ideal image, simulation games also have some serious application. They can be used for training and updating skills, … [Read more...]

TextExpander – save time and effort writing emails and more

What Does TextExpander Do TextExpander makes the user able to respond more quickly to emails and write documents quicker, as well as save type-writing time while ensuring the quality of text produced. What Are Features of TextExpander The Mac version of a popular software for PC, PhraseExpress, … [Read more...]