May 23, 2018

3 Fantasy Games For Mac OS X

Fantasy games, which are more popularly known as role-playing games or RPG, are games wherein players drive a character across a fantasy setting. It’s not a freeform as a simulation games. Usually the character development follows a certain set of rules. Fantasy video games actually originated from … [Read more...]

Real Sudoku 3D Pro – Review of a 3D Sudoku Game

I must confess I have never played Sudoku. Not that I don't like it - I simply had no chance so far to play it, I never stumbled over it. Once I heard a friend of mine talking about her addiction to Sudoku - so obviously once you try it you want to play Sudoku 3D Pro. Beside that it is also great … [Read more...]

Video Converter HD – convert any video into the format you want

If you are like me and not a video pro you sooner or later have the problem when you want to edit your video that one program doesn't allow this format and the other one doesn't allow that format. I already spend a good amount of time to search for a converter that is easy to use and converts any … [Read more...]

Tumult Hype – Review of an easy-to-use web design program

Are you dreaming of your own website but have no idea how to code it? Or do you have a basic understanding of HTML but want something fancy, easy to use without coding? Then Tumult Hype will help you to create your own interactive HTML 5 animations - from websites to invitation cards and even … [Read more...]

Adventure Games For Mac

Discover the best adventure games for your Mac computer When it comes to Mac computers we all think that we can do nearly everything with it except playing games. But this is no longer true. Even if Macs were in the beginning known for working very well with graphic programs such as Photoshop these … [Read more...]