May 23, 2018

The New Mac App Store – Revolution Or Observation?

The Mac App store - a revolution? Update to get access to the Mac App store This morning I read my feed subscriptions (as I usually do with the morning coffee) and found out that Apple opened its Mac App Store today! I kept refreshing the page and finally around lunch time it was launched. If you … [Read more...]

Rip It – Rip Your DVDs Because Apple TV Is Coming

Rip Movie DVDs on Mac because Apple TV is coming Learn how easy it is to use rip it and rip movie DVDs on Mac Computers For some weeks already I fancy with the new Apple TV. This little black box is put next to your TV and connects wirelessly with your Mac computer - and streams all your … [Read more...]

Tune Up For iTunes To Sort Your Music Library

Tune Up for iTunes What is Tune Up for iTunes? Do you have a huge music collection? I do. After putting all together from my old computer and all burned and bought CDs I have about 20 GB of music OMGH - and as you can imagine it's not a well sorted nice collection where I just click and I can find … [Read more...]

Learn More About The Renamer For Mac

The Renamer for Mac Why the little program "Renamer" is a must have! I know that when I first had my Mac such simple things like renaming a bunch of files at once drove me c-r-a-z-y! After one week I was not far away from throwing my wonderful new computer out of the window and go back to the … [Read more...]

Which Mac Software Do I have Installed On My Mac?

One reason I enjoy writing for Mac Mania is that I love writing and trying out software for Mac Computers. Of course the software I use changes from time to time but more often than not I use the same software. Here is my dock with all included Mac software I use daily: After you've got your … [Read more...]