April 21, 2018

Mac Cleanse – FileCleaning for your Mac

What Does Mac Cleanse Do

The Mac Cleanse app concentrates mostly around file cleaning.  It is more of a specific app, dealing with one problem by coming at it from all angles.  It reclaims the disk space on your hard drive and performed multiple tasks at once that would normally take hours (maybe more) to complete.  It can do up to fifty optimization tasks in a shorter space of time than many other apps.


What Are The Features Of Mac Cleanse

Mac Cleanse can erase catches, clear cookies, empty logs, wipe un-used languages, clear web histories and reclaim old and unused space.  It concentrates its energies of wiping your Mac as clean as possible without affecting the system or the files and programs that you want and wish to keep.


Is Mac Cleanse A Cause For Applause

It does its job a lot faster than doing the tasks manually, and is actually a lot faster than some other cleaning programs too.  It can clean a lot of applications and files that other Mac cleaners would not touch.


Not So Good Points

The controls are not very intuitive and do take a little bit of learning to master, which is a shame because Mac Cleanse could have been better designed to be more user friendly.  The screen explaining the processes is not necessary, in the same way that I do not need to know how my engine works to be able to drive my car.


What I Thought Of The App I Bought

Mac Cleanse does go a long way in cleansing Mac files.  It does seem to free up space well, and does it quickly, too.  These seem to be the best selling points.  The price is pretty good though, that may be due to the fact there are now more recent versions on the market.  It does its job well if you learn how to use it.  It is a good app to buy if you are selling your computer and wish to get rid of as much information of your as possible.  Mac Cleanse is also good if you have just bought your Mac second hand, and wish to scrub the files ready for your use.


Should I Try OR Let It Slip By

Mac Cleanse is probably the one to buy if you have a high rate of file moving, deleting and addition on your Mac.  If you are the sort of person whom adds and removes programs and files weekly, then this is probably a good app for you.  This may also be a good app for you if you have not had much success with other apps of the same nature.  This one does come with the warning that it is a little difficult to use until you have learnt the ins and outs of the Mac Cleanse app.

You find the Mac Cleanse app in the MacApp Store

MacCleanse - Koingo Software, Inc.

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