April 21, 2018

Installing Fonts into the Font Book

The Mac OS Font Book

Fonts are a fun and easy way to brush up your documents or images. If you are anything like me you most probably have 100s of fonts on your computer. On Windows computers this usually leads to a slower computer – on Mac OS this is not even confusing because you can simply organize the fonts on your computer with the Mac included Font Book. Font Book manages your fonts easily and helps you to install, preview, and So it is great to learn how to install fonts on your Mac. This video shows you quickly how to do that and on the Internet you can find thousands of fonts free available. Installing fonts into your Mac’s Font Book is really easy to do. In the video I describe a quick and easy way to download fonts e.g. from Dafont.com and install the downloaded packages into your Font Book.


Learn in this video how to install fonts into your font book. You can view the video in HD Quality on YouTube.



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