April 23, 2018

Access the iPhoto Library Without Using iPhoto

There might be some instances where you want to access your photos but do not want to use iPhoto to do so. This could be for several reasons. One is that you have a lot of apps open and you don’t want to add on to the burden by opening another one. Another is that while iPhoto does have an export … [Read more...]

iPhoto Course (10): Creating Slideshows in iPhoto 11

Creating Slideshows in iPhoto 11 is great fun! Adding a little enhancement when showing your photos will actually make a huge difference to make your audience more engaged in the activity. Some of us can relate to having sat through a dull presentation while impatiently waiting for one lousy slide … [Read more...]

iPhoto Course (8): Creating Albums and Smart Albums in iPhoto ’11

Remember those photos you took on your parent's 24th wedding anniversary? How about photos from their past anniversaries before that? Give yourself a creative burst with iPhoto's Albums and Smart Albums and you'll be delighted to look back on the past with that smile painted all over your … [Read more...]

iPhoto Course (7): Geotagging Images in iPhoto ’11

Looking for some fresh insights to make your iPhoto collection more exciting? Because we believe that iPhoto should be anything but boring, we're giving you a new reason to level-up your iPhoto experience to a whole new magnitude with Places. No matter where you go, iPhoto will be able to keep a … [Read more...]