April 23, 2018

Pages – Tips & Tricks 3

Putting a subject into a line or page Online: The object is placed into the line of text or follows the text (anchor text).  The option used is "Move with text". Page: The object is fixed on the page and the text overlaps the object or surrounding, the option you use is called "Fixed on … [Read more...]

Tips to give you a head start with Pages

Pages Tip 1 Practice using the pages program.  Create more inspectors for the "View" menu  using "New Inspector", because the size of the inspector you have is sometimes too small to contain all the options for a subject. Pages Tip 2 Immediately add the toolbar icons management objects: Front, … [Read more...]

22 Things You Should Know About Pages

Pages is Apple's answer to Microsoft Word - but once you are used to it much easier to use and utilize. You can even use it as a layout program to create your own flyers and brochures. While you can also do that with Word, of course, it is easier with Pages. Here is an overview for you what you … [Read more...]

How To Create A PDF

I find that one of the most useful features of Mac OS X is that handy-dandy ability to instantly create a PDF document. It has been very helpful for me since I prefer to send out my documents in a PDF file rather than in Word or Pages format. PDF is short for portable document format and the nice … [Read more...]

Create Stickies Quickly From Websites Or Documents

A really helpful tool: Stickies I recently stumbled over a really nice tip in a Mac magazine and thought I share it with you. If you are like me and often surf the Internet for research you most probably have a good amount of notes open to keep the information. But how do you safe it? I … [Read more...]