May 23, 2018

News from Cuppertino - Apple News

Sneak Peak To New Mac OS Lion

Sneak Peak to Mac OS Lion A brandnew Mac OS is on its way - the Mac OS Lion We have walked with Apple through all cats - from panther to leopard to snow leopard actually - but we are not done. Recently Apple gave us a sneak peak at the new operating system for next year with the code name "Lion". … [Read more...]

Mac OS X Lion Is On Its Way!

Mac OS X Lion is on its way! Smaller improvements in the Mac OS X Lion The developer version of the newest version of the Snow Leopard Mac OS X is just published. Apple applied a lot of improvement and claims now that the operating system has no more bigger issues. It will take some weeks until … [Read more...]

The iPhoto Workshop In The Apple Store

iPhoto Workshop in Oberhausen I'm on vacation from my students and do the fun things in life - beside writing articles I've visited yesterday with my Mum the iPhoto Workshop in the just opened Apple Store in Oberhausen. Wherever you are - when you have an Apple Store near you - try this free … [Read more...]

Apple Store Opening In Oberhausen, Centro

I think I was a PAIN all week for my poor husband - I told him that on Saturday there will be the M-E-G-A-I-N-V-E-N-T in the Centro in Oberhausen - the fourth Apple Store in Germany opened its doors. He couldn´t believe what I was talking about but I KNEW I need to go there and luckily I got him … [Read more...]